As part of the process for creating the Jewish Life & Learning Stack Exchange, mi.yodeya (an early Stack Exchange 1.0 site) has agreed to provide a jump start to this community by migrating their content to this new platform. All the users and content have been migrated to this site — the questions, answers, comments, voting, badges, reputation; It's all here.

This Judaism Q&A welcomes all people with questions and answers about Jewish law and tradition.

The initial content and Google ranking is a windfall to this community. But the only way to build a lively and engaging site is to go through the same community-building process our other sites experience: organizing the site, deciding what type of questions are appropriate here, and taking ownership of the site governance.

While, technically speaking, the site already has a lot of content, I would urge you to read this blog post:

Asking the First Questions

I hope everyone will stay engaged and become actively involved in building this site. Get involved in your meta forum and start asking the essential questions.

This early participation is really, really important. Other communities have been known to skip over the initial community-building activities after they received imported data… and they are still struggling for it. It's a crucial part of the community-building process. The earliest activities and questions will set the tone and topic of the site for a long time.


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