As a general rule on SE, badges are not revoked if you get one and then you lose the qualification for that badge. For instance a Necromancer badge is not revoked if the 5th upvoter removes his vote, nor is the Electorate badge revoked if one's question/answer ratio drops below 1/3. The theory is that the next time you earn said badge you won't get an extra one and the totals even out eventually.

A few weeks ago, someone upvoted many of my answers that had 9 votes, granting me many Nice Answer badges. This upvoting was thereby removed by the fraud detection mechanisms SE has in place to protect against sock-puppeting.

Yesterday I received my 22nd Nice Answer badge for an upvote to this answer, however, I currently only have 17 answers with >10 votes. Why did I get another badge? Maybe when the requirement for the badge is removed by the vote fraud mechanism, the badge counter doesn't notice it?

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From Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange (January 2012):

note that losing your qualification for a already-earned badge will (usually?) no longer result in your next badge of the same type being withheld.

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  • I wonder why they did that. The old way made sense to me. – Double AA May 20 '12 at 2:46
  • Based on this answer, I'm tagging the question status-bydesign. – msh210 May 20 '12 at 3:14

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