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Welcome to the Mi Yodeya Launch Party!

If you're not familiar with Mi Yodeya - Stack Exchange yet, go check out our aweseome Jewish Q&A community at mi.yodeya.com.


If you're looking for the Mi Yodeya Launch Party, you've come to the right place. However, the party has concluded — it ran for an hour on June 3, '12. See below for show notes, including archived audio and chatroom transcript.


The party is simultaneously in two places:


The party features:

  • A conversation with Rabbi Gil Student, Founder and Author of the Hirhurim - TorahMusings.com blog on

    Learning with the Crowd: Judaism on the Internet

  • Your calls

  • Games

  • Words of Torah from Mi Yodeya community members

  • Globe-spanning Lechaims (So please have your favorite beverage ready!)

We look forward to partying with you!

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Show Notes

Useful links and information mentioned in the show:


You heard the voices of the following Mi Yodeya community members. Thanks very much to our callers!

We were honored and edified by the participation of:

Many thanks for our awesome theme music to producer, vibraphonist, and pianist Ben Portner. You can find him on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/b-port.

We used the following sounds from Freesound.org:

Online call-in show apparatus provided by BlogTalkRadio.

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