It used to be that if I hovered over the end of the row of tags I would see an "edit tags" link. I no longer see this; I'm not sure how long it's been gone, but possibly since graduation. Is this a reputation privilege? That seems odd, since I can edit tags freely by editing the post.

I see the link on English (graduated, 10k) and Biblical Hermeneutics (beta, 3k); I do not see it on UX (graduated, 1.9k) or Writers (beta, 1.8k).


Thanks to Michael Mrozek, mmyers, and Shog9 for explaining this to me and linking to a question on MSO that explains some more. Here goes:

500 is the rep needed to edit the tags on a question.
2000 is the rep needed to edit a question.
10000 is the rep needed for the 'inline tag editor' (i.e. the "edit tags" link that allows you to edit tags without leaving the page), even though that doesn't seem to be documented at /privileges

So below 500, you have an "edit" link that causes your edit to be queued for approval.
(screenshot thereof)
From 500 to 2000, you have a retag link that saves your revision but isn't 'inline'
(screenshot thereof)
and an "edit" link that queues your edit.
From 2000 to 10000 you have a regular "edit" link (no queue) but no "retag" link (because you can edit and not just retag) and no 'inline'-retagger link (because you don't have that privilege yet)
(screenshot thereof)
— and above 10000 you have the 'inline' retagger (and no "retag" link).
(screenshot thereof)


Not an answer; just data collection.

Please visit a question on main (any, but not one you've just edited) and check to see if you get the link. Add your name, mod status if applicable, current reputation, and yes (if you see it) or no (if you don't) to this answer. Let's see if we can validate or reject a reputation connection.

  • MonicaCellio, 6974, no
  • IsaacMoses ♦, 12,266, yes
  • DoubleAA, 16,171, yes
  • msh210 ♦, 21,087, yes
  • 1
    ^^^ was a valiant effort :) – Double AA Jun 4 '12 at 21:49

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