I'm a gentile who accepts Judaism as reality, and I find this site informative and interesting. But I just read in another post on this site that there are aspects of Torah that non-Jews aren't meant to learn. I don't know how that works in practice... I'll ask a rabbi but also curious about how it works on Mi Yodeya.

What is it that gentiles are or are not allowed to read, elsewhere and here? How about actually asking and discussing questions about halacha or rabbinic texts (including the Talmud or even Kabbalah), not for the sake of mimicking Jewish practice but instead for better understanding it?


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Mi Yodeya has no policy regarding this for several reasons.

  • It's not a Jewish-only site. Its founder and moderators are Jews, and most of its users are, but that's as far as it goes.
  • There is no possible verification for, or enforcement of, any such rule. This is the internet, after all.
  • Such a policy, if it were to exist at all, would have to be based on a Rabbi's ruling, and that's something that individual users would have to obtain from their Rabbi.

This explains why there is no official Mi Yodeya policy. So, the question

What is it that gentiles are or are not allowed to read, elsewhere and here?

is really a main-site question (such as you've already asked). I don't think it can be answered in a real "Meta" way, i.e., vis-à-vis site policy, since even if the site were to try to institute some policy regarding this, despite the fact that it would be useless, different rabbis would probably have different rulings, making any such policy impossible to formulate properly.

The best advice would be to ask a Rabbi who can understand your exact circumstances and give you a personalized ruling.

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