The tag, q.v., currently has four questions:

  • two are about rebuking one's fellow Jew when he sins,
  • one is about a verse in the tochacha in parashas B'chukosay (and also has the tag), and
  • the last is about a verse in the Torah reading of 9 Av, in Vaeschanan (and also has the tag).

I think that the same tag should not be used for all these uses. I propose that:

  • the tag be renamed (to avoid confusion with the tochacha portions of the Torah) and be for questions about rebuking one's fellow who sins,
  • the question about a verse in B'chukosay have a new tag for the tochachos found in the Torah (or not: I personally don't think it needs one), and
  • the question about a verse in Vaeschanan be detagged because that part of the Torah is not usually referred to as tochacha.

I welcome alternative solutions in answers, including "I like the status quo"; I also welcome suggestions for the new tochachos-in-the-Torah tag if any.

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I propose keeping and renaming it (as per the question, unless a better suggestion comes along), removing it from the latter two questions, and not replacing it in the case of the B'chukotai question. I think we already have the pattern that while some specific incidents/passages get their own tags (e.g. gan-eden), not all do (e.g. there's nothing for Kayin and Hevel) and it's always safe to go straight to the containing parsha.

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