There is a very popular question on stackoverflow that I think would be good to ask on judaism.SE. The issue is as stated on stackoverflow that this type of question strictly speaking should not be on a SE site.

what would the appropriate way (if any) to ask this question?

To clarify what I want to ask is something of the sort: "What are the best resources for Jewish texts on the internet?" OR "What websites should every Jew have bookmarked?"


AFAICT the reason such questions are frowned upon on SE sites is that they're subjective, with no answer objectively better than any other. Asking such a question on Judaism.SE and asking not what "what do you recommend" but "what does Judaism recommend, and can you cite a source for it" would work, I think. That setup doesn't work for all questions of this sort, but would for, e.g., "Starting a Jewish Library".

(Personally, I don't see why a seeking-a-bunch-of-subjective-responses question is bad, but if SE says so, then, well, we've gotta play by the rules.)

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    How much good do these lists of links do, especially without any prose explaining the value of each link? – Isaac Moses May 31 '11 at 21:21
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    Well, if you cite sources (as mentioned in my answer here), that's as good as prose explaining value, I think. Or are you referring to my last sentence, "I don't see why..."? That was just thrown into my answer as a little bit of soapboxing. I don't think this question (or site) is the right forum to discuss it really.... – msh210 May 31 '11 at 21:27

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