Dear @MonicaCellio,

First of all, I commend you for all the questions you ask, the answers you provide, and administration work you do around here. Thank you! Much appreciated.

I wonder: Did you roll back my proposed "alacrity-for-mitzvot" tag wiki on purpose? Also, did Stack Exchange offer you any option to leave a comment at the time you did the rollback?

All the best.

[Edit: I have now created a related question. "Should the 'alacrity-for-mitzvot' tag exist? If so, what should its scope be?"]


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Unforgettableid, I apologize for the confusion and any distress this caused. I did roll it back; I had approved it and then it was pointed out in chat that I didn't have the best understanding of the subject, so I realized I should have left it for others to decide. Unfortunately, rolling back an edit does not provide the chance to explain the edit (the way a regular edit does), nor are there comments on tag wikis. I should have looked harder for a way to explain it to you.

Please see this chat log. I propose that this question be used to figure out whether we want this tag and, if so, what its scope should be.


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