In the chat, one can link one's next message as a reply to another message. This way, the thread is easy to follow, especially when replying to a message that is further up the page.

Why can't one link to one's own previous message? If I posted something yesterday, and then want to comment on it, the option is not available to me.

Isn't this a useful feature that would improve the chat experience?


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You can do it, but it's not exposed in the UI (and I, too, wish it were). Here's the workaround:

Click on your own message over on the left (where you go for edit, delete, etc) and grab the URL for the permalink. You'll see something like this:


Take the part from # to the end, delete the rest, and replace the # with a :, like this:

:10185532 blah blah blah...

Your reply (blah blah blah... above) will show up as a reply to your previous message.

Because Chat doesn't really know how this happened, you will also get a ping alerting you to your new reply.

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