What are slang terms that people on Mi Yodeya use in comments or chat that are unique to this community?

Please post one term with definition, etymology, earliest known usage, etc., per answer.

Please only include terms that can reasonably be considered to genuinely be part of the communal lingo. For example, one known usage of a term or your invention of what you think would be a neat term are not good enough.

The goal of this post is to create a searchable reference that people can discover if they encounter one of these terms in the wild and have no idea what it means.


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TZT / Time zone tov / Good time zone - Have a good one.

"TZT" is an initialization of "time zone tov."

"Time zone tov" is a partial Hebraization of "good time zone," adopting the form of the common Hebrew greeting "Shavua' tov" ("Have a good week.")

"Good time zone" is meant to be an equivalent of "Good day" or "Good night," to be used when the speaker is either unsure, due to Internet anonymity, of which time-of-day-based greeting would be appropriate for those being addressed or is addressing people in multiple different time zones.

Earliest known use of "Good time zone" on Mi Yodeya: msh210 in V'dibarta Bam on June 16, 2011.

Earliest known use of "Time zone tov": Isaac Moses in V'dibarta Bam on March 10, 2013.

Earliest known use of "TZT": Explicit coinage by HodofHod in V'dibarta Bam on March 10, 2013.

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    That's incredibly useful. ;-) Commented Jul 10, 2013 at 17:23
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    @JonEricson, thanks! I hope you also enjoyed the chiastic structure of the writeup. :)
    – Isaac Moses Mod
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    It's not just Shavua' Tov, but also Boker Tov, Layla Tov, Erev Tov and Tzohorayim Tovim.
    – Double AA Mod
    Commented Jul 11, 2013 at 6:33
  • @DoubleAA And "shabas tov".
    – msh210 Mod
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yodeyan - A member of the Mi Yodeya community.

Generated by affixing the suffix "-an" to the word "Yodeya," from the community's name.

Earliest known usage: Isaac Moses, in a January 18, 2010 post on the "lo.yodeya" blog that he wrote during the early days of mi.yodeya 1.0 said, fruitlessly (except for the coinage):

I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts, yodeyans, in the comments on this post.

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    Oh cool; when I used it in my election blurb I thought I was coining it. So glad to hear there was earlier usage -- 2.5 years earlier, even! (Variant: I usually capitalize it.) Commented Jul 10, 2013 at 12:44

Rfפ - Request for פְּסַק (pesak / rabbinic ruling)

Presumably pronounced, if at all, "arr eff pay."

This is shorthand for a characteristic of a question that could cause it to be closed on Mi Yodeya - requesting a practical ruling, as if from a rabbi.

Earliest known usage: Scimonster, in an edit summary, November 24, 2014.

Earlier, inferior version, RfP, earliest usage: Isaac Moses, in Bam, November 18, 2014.


Bam -- our main general site-related chatroom, V'dibarta Bam.

Earliest known comparison of the word בם to the English onomatopoeia BAM: msh210 in Bam on 2012 May 23 15:41

Earliest known usage as a stand alone name: Adam Mosheh in Bam on 2012 Jun 13 14:24

Earliest known Hebrew usage: Double AA in Bam on 2012 Jun 15 22:50


JeLLy - of or related to Jewish Life and Learning

It derives from when the site was defined as not Judaism, but Jewish Life & Learning. Basically, if something is JeLLy, then it is on-topic for this site, and if it's not, then it is not.

Earliest known usage: Feb 6, 2013 by @msh210 in Bam:

Isaac Moses: @msh210 Can you [edit] in a JL&L-relevant motivation?

msh210: @IsaacMoses Can't think of one that I'm sure y'all'd consider JeLLy.


PTIJ / p-t-i-j - Purim Torah - in jest

This term is the initialization of the tag, which is applied, in accordance with the Purim Torah policy, to in-season non-serious questions.

Earliest known usage: May 8, 2013 by Isaac Moses, in Bam:

@msh210 File away for PTIJ 5774: this pun, along with conspiracy theories


O-Cmon (also O-כמאן) - A fictitious kosher-certification agency with notoriously low standards.

This hechsher was first mentioned on a PTIJ question from 2012 asking what a particular strange marking was on some foods. The answer describes it as "the world’s first crowd-sourced Kosher certification."

This agency is occasionally mentioned on Mi Yodeya (e.g. here, here, and here) almost always in a joking way.

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    It's [burp] fictitious?!??!?! goes to induce vomiting and throw away the rest of his bacon sodas
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Bronze shabbat badge awarded to Shalom, represented as "shabbat Shalom"

This image is an excerpt from a screenshot of the Badges sidebar on the front page of the Judaism Stack Exchange beta website1, indicating that user Shalom was awarded the bronze badge for answering questions in the tag. Because it shows the words "shabbat Shalom," it's used in Chat as a humorous way for people to wish each other Shabbat Shalom.

Earliest usage (and image credit): June 16, 2011 by msh210, in Bam.

1. Which is why it looks different from the current Mi Yodeya Badges page. (Hat-tip: DoubleAA)


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