A user script is a usually-small device that you can add to your web browser to change how specific websites or all websites appear to you. It can be a way, for example, to add functionality to a site such as Mi Yodeya for yourself that doesn't exist for people who don't have the script installed.

What user scripts do we recommend to enhance the experience of using Mi Yodeya?

I suggest one answer per script or functionally-closely-related group of scripts, perhaps plus a Community Wiki catalog with links to the answers.


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Script: Mi Yodeya Referencer by @HodofHod (Me!).

Description: Instant linking to Tanach, Gemara, and Mishna Torah. Just add brackets! (And a prefix).

Main Post: Mi Yodeya Referencer: A Syntax for Linking to Sources

Instructions/Link: https://github.com/HodofHod/SE-Modifications/blob/master/Installing.md


Deprecated: This functionality is now built into the site, and SE used HodofHod's script as a starting point.

Script: Hebrew keyboard, by @HodofHod.

Description: on-demand virtual keyboard for posts and chat (and with nikudot, even!)

Main post: https://judaism.meta.stackexchange.com/a/1781/472

Instructions/Link: https://github.com/HodofHod/SE-Modifications/blob/master/Installing.md


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