Could we have better integration with YouTube so that video links can show on-site, streaming from YouTube, like Facebook statuses with automatic HTML insertion? I asked this question and think that feature would be so cool.

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    That question in particular would not be a good place to use such a feature. After all, the video is completely unnecessary to the question, just an aside, since your question is what angels look like, irrespective of what's in the video. – msh210 Feb 5 '14 at 19:32

This is supported by the platform, but we'd need a bit more evidence that this feature would actually be useful, not detrimental to the site. We want to allow for videos where they make sense in answers, such as a frequent need to demonstrate how to do something.

We don't normally enable it unless it's clearly needed because people tend to say "Oh look, neat, I can embed a video, so I guess I should go find one" (that actually happens more often than you'd think).

I don't, at this time, see a really resounding need to enable it here. If that changes, then we just need at least a dozen or so specific links where having inline video would have made a good difference in the coherency of an answer.

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