I submitted an answer, one mod deleted it, saying it didn't answer the question.

I then edited the answer, including sources which directly answered the question.

I then clicked undelete, but nothing happened.

So, I resubmitted the answer.

Why was it deleted again? I did exactly what the first mod wanted me to do.

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After editing sufficiently to allow for undeletion, you should click "undelete" if possible, flag the post for moderator attention to undelete, and/or raise the issue here or in chat. Reposting the same answer (even if modified) is, besides being a waste of screen 'real estate', possibly posting again something that should still not be there.

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    @Jake To be honest I didn't notice that the previous answer had been edited and just saw that the two were identical, so I apologize. That said, msh210's answer here seems to be correct IMO. +1 – Double AA Aug 31 '14 at 17:10
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    I suspect (but haven't created a second account to test with) that Jake wasn't able to undelete because it was deleted by a moderator. The interface probably did not give the most helpful of error messages; sorry about that, Jake. Any time you want to draw moderators' attention to something, you should be able to flag it. Then choose "other" to write a custom message and explain what's going on. Thanks. – Monica Cellio Aug 31 '14 at 17:39

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