We now have eight days' worth of edited content for "Chanuka - Mi Yodeya?." The next step is to make sure that each of these sections gets a good once-over by someone who didn't do the first edit, to help make sure that the content is high-quality and accessible.

So, please select one (or more!) of the sections that you did not do the initial editing on, from the list in the answer post below, and do the following:

  • Review the post template, style guidelines, and mostly-already-re-edited first submission.

  • Read the entire post, carefully. Check for compliance with the style guidelines, overall quality, readability, and - especially for the first half - accessibility to readers with limited background in Judaism.

  • Edit the post in place wherever you see a way to improve it.

  • Cross it off the list in the answer post here (<s> ... </s>).

Let's try to get these done by Friday, November 14, so that we have ample time for the next steps in this book production before Chanuka.

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