If you downloaded or read "Chanukah - Mi Yodeya?," we would love to hear what you thought of it.

  • Are there any improvements you'd suggest?

  • Is there anything about it you specifically hope we don't change?

  • Do you have any interesting stories about using it on Chanukah?

Anything you can tell us along these lines would be much appreciated. The next time we make a publication like this one, your feedback here will help us make it even better.

For that matter, what holiday should we do next? We've now done Passover, Purim, and Chanukah.

If you have participated on Mi Yodeya before, you should be able to post your feedback as an answer to this question. If not, or if you prefer to send it in private, please email [email protected].


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I've received the following comments in email from people I shared this with:

  • Thanks, Monica. Scholarly and fun! By the way, I've read but never tried this remedy--that a good way to get wax off anything is to freeze it. I just run hot water over the chanukia for a long time. And it might be hard to fit a whole tablecloth in the freezer...

  • Thank you, Monica, for giving me something to think about. Well done. I confess I have never thought of some of these questions.

(And several general "thanks"s.)

  • 3
    I got a bunch of "thanks"s by email as well, and also this.
    – Isaac Moses Mod
    Dec 22, 2014 at 21:46

Just an idea, but perhaps for something like this (not the Hagadah or Purim books), it could be entirely self-contained. Meaning, we could include the brachot, haneirot halalu, and ma'oz tzur in the book itself. It would only be an extra two pages, and could be very helpful for people who light candles because of tradition, but don't always do the brachot and stuff.


I showed someone the landing page, and he was confused about the comments from previous years (Pesach).
I did anticipate this.

Also, the title could be a bit bigger and more prominent. (chat message)

Other than that, it looks awesome!

  • 1
    Pesach comment removed. Thanks.
    – Isaac Moses Mod
    Dec 14, 2014 at 1:08

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