Should the tag be only for Purim torah questions meant in jest, or also for questions about Purim torah?

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IMO it's good to have a tag that distinguishes the questions meant in jest from the others so people (who catch on) can distinguish the one set of questions from the other.


Assuming we're willing to permit in-jest questions in some way (which is a question worthy of its own meta-post, as I indicated in the comments):

  • I agree with msh210 that it ought to be made very clear that such questions are in this category and are not to be taken seriously. That is, as WAF indicates, what has been used for to date.

  • If you think that there ought to be a tag about Purim Torah and/or jokes in general, then let's create one, [re]name it and to best reflect their respective contents in tag names, write wikis for both that make it very clear what each is for and which has content that shouldn't be taken seriously, and re-tag all existing joke and about-joke questions accordingly.


It appears that that tag has been used historically almost exclusively for questions which themselves comprise "Purim Torah", but that makes it a very peculiar tag. Every other tag (that I can think of) refers to the subject matter of the question, not the type of question. Although I wouldn't move to obliterate the tag on techinical grounds like this (or principled grounds like taking exception to joke questions), I think questions about Purim Torah are more accurately and consistently referred to by this tag than any other and should therefore be maintained.


Maybe we should have a "Joke" tag. Would it also be possible to have someone verify that their question is indeed a joke before applying the tag, so someone doesn't later come along and ask "Are there jokes in the Torah?"


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