Should all questions be cotagged since the legal status of the vast majority of its rules is custom and not halacha? Is there a specific set of mourning questions that should rather bear for technical reasons?

Generally the set of rules is referred to as nihugei aveilus rather than hilchos aveilus for this reason.


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As I mentioned elsewhere, I don't think the tag should apply to all halacha questions: only to those that don't have a halacha tag of narrower scope. The same for the tag: IMO it should apply not to all minhag questions but rather only to those that don't have a minhag tag of narrower scope. I think (though I'm willing to be convinced otherwise) is such a minhag tag of narrower scope.

  • (and @IsaacMoses's comment on the question) - So until that is figured out just let the tags fall where they may?
    – WAF
    Jul 5, 2011 at 1:12

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