Within the context of Judaism Minhag is a term of art that is usually translated in English as "custom". There are times when I want to ask a question on MiYodea about the customs of Jews which are not necessarily minhag. (In this case I use the English definition of the word and not it's Hebrew counterpart). However I know that if I do, some people will translate custom in their minds as minhag and correctly point out that the situation I've posed is not an actual Jewish minhag, which will likely lead to a long and convoluted discussion in the comments about word choice and intentions. I'd obviously like to avoid that if I can - is there a better way to phrase it?

For example, consider the following question:

  • Where did the custom of saying "l'chaim" when drinking alcohol come from?

Substituting in 'habitual practice' (suggested by dictionary.com) for custom seems awkward. What's a better way to word this question so it doesn't cause confusion? Habit? Practice? Concept? Idea?

In case anyone is worried, no, I have no intention of asking that question, it's just a sample. But the answer is here if you're curious.

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I like practice.

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    or in Hebrew "hanhaga" Commented Dec 30, 2014 at 21:06

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