I have seen some strange behavior with tagging this week's parasha. I started typing

parashat-s and was surprised to not see come up as an auto-complete suggestion. What I saw was:no shemot option

So I figured this was one of those cases where we simply don't have the sefaradi pronunciation as a tag synonym, so I went to try to tag it with the "Ashkenazis" version of the tag. The first time, I actually started just typing shemo without the introducing parashas..., and much to my surprise, I saw this:parashat-shemot is available

Here, it says that is available as a tag, but that is a synonym of it. So why didn't that suggestion pop up before? Strangely, if I type parashas-s I see as a suggestion, but it doesn't mention any tag synonyms. Also, while I see as a choice, I do not see or which appeared when I typed parashat-s:parashas

So what's going on here?


and do not exist as tags or as synonyms of and respectively, so that answers the final question.


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