See this question. One user has posted 2 answers. It seems that they are merely different sources for answering the question. I'm wondering if it would have made sense just to merge these 2 answers into 1.

Are there any guidelines or is there any policy regarding when to post an additional answer to a question?

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See What is the official etiquette on answering a question twice? on MSE. The top answer there states:

When you have two distinct answers.

It's better to post two different answers than to put them both into one answer.


If you put two very different answers in one, then one could be a great answer, and one could be a terrible way to do things, but the upvotes (or downvotes) on the good (or bad) answer will drag the other along with it to the top (or bottom).

Personally, i think that in the case you gave, the answers are different enough to warrant being posted separately.

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