This proposal for a high-holy-days book, possibly billed as a machzor companion, suggests the following types of content:

  • Q&As related to particular parts of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur machzors.

  • Q&As related to Halacha and How-tos of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

  • Q&As related to ideas about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in general, and possibly Teshuva in general.

Our first step, before we can start to prepare material for publication, is to collect links to candidate questions. Please use the Community Wiki answer here to do this. We are looking for interesting questions with good answers, especially those featuring our own writing. See our past publications for examples. While you're looking, please feel free to improve the things you find on the site if you can. And if you have a question and don't find it, please ask it (so if it gets good answers it can end up in the book).

Here are some relevant tags (thanks Isaac).

The categories suggested here are just starting points. If you think of another category that we should be looking at, edit it into the answer! At this point we're gathering input to later winnow down into a publication; if you think something is worth including, please link it.

As of Sunday, July 5th, we have enough links here to make a respectable-sized book. Feel free to continue adding links if you find questions that would be worth including.

See also:

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Please link to (and categorize) candidate questions here. Feel free to include notes (e.g. to identify particular answers). If you think something should change in the question or answers, edit it there please so that the site, and not just the book, benefits from that improvement.

If a question plausibly fits into a section of the machzor, please include it in that list, even if it fits one of the other lists.


Questions about the machzor (please sort by section):

Questions about halacha and practical how-tos of the holidays:

Questions about the themes of the holidays, including teshuva:

Questions about Selichot:

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