I answered to a question If a woman, whose husband is away, becomes pregnant, is she assumed to be adulterous? citing a psak of the shulchan aruch.

I was asked to translate this citation to english. Is there in the web a ready available translation of the shulchan aruch to english which i may use? I am not a native english speaker and i fear that i won't make the translation exact

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The site is an English-language site and a good answer will explain, in English, everything that's necessary for answering the question. However, that doesn't (in my opinion) mean that you need to translate a long passage of Shulchan Aruch that answers the question: it's sufficient to paraphrase/summarize it — which you did admirably in your answer. So I don't think you need to worry about including a translation also.

Even if a translation is desired as well, don't think that you have to be the one to provide it. Stack Exchange answers are, by design, editable by others "to clarify the meaning of a post without changing it" and "to add related resources", and someone else may come along to add in the translation.

If you do want to add in the translation yourself, well, there's Sefaria's.


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