We've had a bunch of questions of varying quality related to science fiction (or, more generally, speculative fiction), most or all asking how Jewish law would deal with some scenario that is either not currently practical or never could be.

This includes anything to do with space travel, even though it is something humans (including Jewish ones!) have done, since it's still practically out of reach for the vast majority of people and therefore the subject of a great deal of science fiction literature.

Let's make a list of all such questions that are at all valuable.

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    In light of this list, should we make a [scifi] tag?
    – DonielF
    Aug 16, 2016 at 21:52
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    @DonielF, tags are generally meant to describe the topic in the question that Judaism relates to. Sci-fi is more of an outside interest group that might be interested in a certain subset of our questions, cutting across different realms with respect to Judaism, so I see it as better served with a catalog like this than with a tag.
    – Isaac Moses Mod
    Aug 17, 2016 at 1:09
  • @DonielF I do not object.
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    Mar 3, 2020 at 17:30

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Space Travel

Issues with the Journey

Mission to Mars: halachic challenges

Does the Torah prohibit leaving Earth?

Does one wash his hands upon waking up from cryostasis? (UNANSWERED)

Does Halacha Apply in Space?

Teshuva that halachot don't apply off of earth

What defines "on this earth" from a halachic standpoint?

Space Burial

Can a Jew who dies on Mars be buried there?

Burial in Space

Zemanim and Calendar Issues

A Jew is born in space. What time rules does he follow? (UNANSWERED)

When does somebody living in space (e.g. ISS) observe Shabbat?

Shabbat with time dilation in space

Time dilation and waiting between meat and milk

Shmittah in Space

Aliens and Space Animals

Would a space fish be kosher?

Is there any reason to deny aliens according to Judaism?

Does the Torah discuss aliens?

Can an Alien convert to Judaism?

Extraterrestrial Sacrifices

Would a non-kosher Earth animal born in space be kosher? (UNANSWERED)

Why don't Jews accept Our Lord and Savior? (PURIM TORAH)

Space Objects

Sending a Torah to the Moon

What is the halachic status of things in outer space?

Berachos and Davening

Would you need to make a bracha on a rainbow seen on another planet? (UNANSWERED)

Which way to face while praying on another planet

Should a person observe Rosh Hodesh & say "Kiddush Ha'Aretz" if he lives permanently on the moon?

When and how often would someone say Kiddush Levana (Blessing for the moon) if he were on another planet?


Monsters and Fantasy Creatures

Are Synagogues "holy ground," offering protection from evil creatures?

PTIJ: Kiddushin by dragonslaying? (PURIM TORAH)

Altering Genetics

Is altering human genetics wrong in Judaism?


Would a mermaid be kosher?

So where are these mermaids?

Status of a human-mermaid offspring


Is it acceptable under kashrut to eat tyrannosauridae meat?

Artificial Lifeforms

Can Frankenstein's Golem wear women's clothing on Purim? (PURIM TORAH)

Animals Created By Sefer Yetzirah

sefer Yetzirah ox goring,or Golem damages

Can a Gentile create a Golem? (UNANSWERED)

Creating things with the Sefer Yetzira?

How Kabbalistically accurate is the golem-making procedure described in "Niflaos Maharal"?

Is a "Golem" the same thing as a person created through Sefer Yetzirah?

Was there a GOLEM?


Are there any Jewish sources that discuss vampires?

PTIJ: How can I halachically kill a vampire? (PURIM TORAH)


How should a werewolf celebrate Pesach? (PURIM TORAH)

Werewolf in the Torah


Surviving the zombie apocalypse? (PURIM TORAH)

Suicide to prevent Zombification

The Hulk

PTIJ: The Hulk & the principle of "כל דאלים גבר" (ie "whoever is stronger prevails") (PURIM TORAH)

Would a theoretical Hulk be allowed to transform on Shabbos? (UNANSWERED)

Fairy Tale Characters

PTIJ: Is Peter Pan forever Patur from Mitzvahs? (PURIM TORAH)

PTIJ: Issues with Pinocchio in Halacha (PURIM TORAH)

PTIJ: Rapunzel covering her hair (PURIM TORAH)

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