So far 9 questions' worth of edited content have been submitted for Haggadah - Mi Yodeya?. (If we're doing well here, we can even add more.) The next step is to make sure that each of these submissions gets a good once-over by someone who didn't do the first edit, to help make sure that the content is high-quality and accessible.

So, please select one (or more!) of the submissions that you did not do the initial editing on, from the lists in the posts linked below, and do the following:

  • Review the style guidelines.

  • Read the entire post, carefully. Check for compliance with the style guidelines, overall quality, readability, and accessibility to readers with limited background in Judaism.

  • Edit the post in place wherever you see a way to improve it.

  • For any non-English terms, names of authorities cited, and names of books cited that not all of our readers will be familiar with, add an entry to the Glossary, if there isn't one already.

  • Post a comment to the post you edited, saying SECOND-PARTY EDIT COMPLETE.

  • Edit this post to strike out the edited post (<s> ... </s>), so that others can tell where there is work left to be done.

Let's try to get these done by Thursday, March 31, so that we have time for the next steps in this production before Pesach.

Reference links:

Also, not ready for edits yet but still taking submissions: Why does "Echad Mi Yodeya" stop at 13? (community wiki).


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