I have a question that I believe is now clear. Can it be re-opened or can you explain what more I can do to make it fit the guidelines?

Are there any specific laws and consequences for claiming to be God?

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For future reference, if a question is closed and you thereafter edit it, it will appear on the reopen queue, so you don't need to request reopening. And if you choose to request reopening anyway, and it was closed by a moderator (someone with a "♦" after his username) or a badgeholder (so the closure notice will show the name of a tag after the closer's username), then you can attract his attention in a comment on the question, so you don't need to post here on Meta.

But Meta's fine, too.

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    In this case it doesn't apply, but I'm about 95% sure that the part about edits sending a post to the reopen queue only applies to questions that are on hold, not ones that rolled over to being closed. If you edit an old question to try to reopen it, it's a good idea to raise it somewhere (chat, meta, ping to the close-voter as you mentioned, etc). Commented Mar 28, 2016 at 20:35

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