I am experiencing a strange and wonderful feeling (not a delusional perception).

  1. First I read a question on Yibbum here that leads me to a Gemara on Yebamot 103a about Chalitsa for a man without legs.
  2. After this I soon see a question about kings here that leads to a Mishna in Sanhedrin 19b and gives me a part of the answer for the former question,
  3. and finally a question on Yehareg Veal Yaavor here, and thanks to the Gemara pf the first question I find in Yebamot 103a the answer to this question

There is a snow ball effect. דברי תורה עניים במקום אחד ועשירים במקום אחרת I am interesting to know if and how other people are experiencing similar pleasure in mi yodeya Q&A.


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