What is the basis and process for disputing the designation of a question as off topic here?

I'm wondering particularly about this question: https://judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/75736/why-no-mizrachi-chief-rabbi

. . . but also generally.


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There are a few things you can do in the general case:

  • First, edit to address any outstanding comments. Usually these are requests for clarification or to narrow down a broad scope. If a question seems to be seeking p'sak, there might be comments asking that it be depersonalized. Note that the close notice itself also includes some explanation and links.

  • Try to get it reopened in the review queue. If a question receives a reopen vote, or is on hold (not closed) and is edited, it's automatically sent to the review queue. In this case the reviewers voted to leave closed.

  • Bring it up here on meta. Post a question asking that it be reopened, or for further explanation for why it was closed. Explain why you think it should be reopened.

  • Ask for input in chat.

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