Should there be an tag for the many questions that are now tagged , , and ?

According to a quick search, six questions come up:

Then there's also these 15 questions that have the and tags but not the tag:

Finally, seven more questions tagged and but not .

Is an tag called for here? Or should we leave them alone?

The reason I propose this is because of the fact that there are three different groups above - those that include , those that include , and those that include both. An tag would group all 28 questions together, without resorting to figuring out how the question is tagged. Granted, many of them are specific to sefira or three weeks and probably should keep those tags.


Many of the linked questions don't have anything to do with a capella music, in particular. For example, in the first set of six example questions, the first four are all about music in general, and only the last two are about vocal music, specifically. Therefore, I do not think that this whole class of questions should be tagged a-capella, as that would be misleading.

The real common theme here is restrictions on music during periods of mourning. (Similar restrictions on people who are mourning recently-departed close relatives would also fit into this general category.) Therefore, I recommend that questions on this topic be tagged mourning-aveilus and music, and that then, all of them will be findable by searching for these two tags together.

A possible alternative would be to make a special tag for "music restrictions in mourning," but:

  • I'm unaware of a concise term already in general use that means this. As explained above, I don't think that "a capella" does without being misleading.

  • That would mean that all such questions would deserve three tags related to this concept instead of two, further crowding out other tags.

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