Congratulations and Yeyasher Kochachem to the co-winners of the Best Answer Contest for the fourth quarter of 5777!

Here are the original citations, submitted by DoubleAA and mevaqesh, respectively:

  • Chaim's answer to Why was the second Beit HaMikdash destroyed? is impressively comprehensive. It has sources, quotations, translations and summaries from a wide variety of rabbinic literature.

  • Oliver's answer regarding the possible halakhic issues involved in attending an intermarriage. It is quite comprehensive; indeed the first answer that is comprehensive to an important question asked almost 6 years ago and has had five other answers.

The winning entries will split the 300-point bounty prize evenly.

Best answer contest: First quarter of 5778, covering Tishrei through Kislev, 5778 (from September 21, 2017 through December 18, 2017), is already underway. If you see a new great answer, please enter it!



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