I suppose it's currently rather off-topic to ask for advice about synagogues and restaurants, when someone travels abroad. There's indeed this product-recommendation tag in a similar vein. I think it would be extremely useful to create something similar to take advantage of community members all around the world. Mostly I'm thinking about providing information about:

  • rabbi
  • nusach (Ashkenaz, Sefarad, Mizrach, Ari etc.)
  • available days and prayers (weekdays/holidays, mincha only etc.)
  • location, contact if needed

For restaurants:

  • style
  • hekhsher

Obviously it would be quite "administrator-intensive" to keep it tidy, but other sites on the internet tend to be out-dated.

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It seems to me that any lists made on this site are just as likely to be incomplete and go out of date as a list on any other website. StackExchange in general has a policy against this type of question. There's no reason we should make an exception when nothing is different.

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