Who knows one hundred thousand?

Shalom knows one hundred thousand!


Yeyasher Kochacha to Shalom for achieving 100,000 reputation points! Mazal Tov for being the second Yodeyan to make it there!

Think about what this means: Something like ten thousand times, another member of the community saw a question or answer Shalom wrote and thought "yes, that's valuable." Who Knows how many other times people have read and benefited from his contributions?

Shalom flair

Shalom has been with Mi Yodeya since the very beginning, eight years ago. His great contributions early on earned him moderator standing in the mi.yodeya 1.0 days. Since then, he has posted nearly 2000 questions and answers on all kinds of topics, and distinguished himself especially with his carefully-written, compelling explanations of sensitive topics.

Here, if I'm not mistaken, is the answer that put him over the edge. Fittingly, it involves eating bugs, much like this very early answer of his, which was later featured in a major motion picture.

If you would like to join in this celebration of Shalom's many contributions to Mi Yodeya, feel free to post congratulations or a link to a favorite one of his posts in an answer here.

May you go from strength to strength, Shalom!


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