Congratulations and Yeyasher Kochacha to Alex, the winner of the Best Answer Contest for the second quarter of 5778 (and the first Best Answer Contest winner without a tie)!

Here is the original citation submitted by רבות מחשבות:

This answer to Deviations of Ralbag from normative Jewish theology by Alex is one of the most comprehensive, clear, and well-sourced answers I have seen on this site. I would like to nominate it, as it certainly deserves consideration for "Best Answer" this quarter.

The winning entry will be awarded a 300-point bounty.

Best answer contest: Third quarter of 5778, covering Nisan through Sivan, 5778 (from March 17, 2018 through June 13, 2018), is already underway. If you see a new great answer, please enter it!


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