Consensus on meta seems to be that Karaite Judaism, questions asked from a Karaite perspective, and other non-Orthodox branches of Judaism are on-topic.

Is Hellenistic Judaism also on-topic?

Is such a question valid only for questions about the history of Judaism? Or are questions about explaining a Hellenistic Jewish text or language used in such a text also on-topic?

I ask because LXX transliteration of יהושע was closed as off-topic (though arguably it could have been for other reasons). If Hellenistic Judaism is on-topic, then the Septuagint should also be on-topic without a doubt. Compare also a question about a word in Onkelos's translation, which is heavily upvoted and apparently considered on-topic.

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  • אם-אלוהים הוא ירב לו. – LN6595 May 7 '18 at 3:17
  • that wiki article's list of claimed hellenized Jews is ... interesting – user15253 May 10 '18 at 11:55

Since no one answered yet, I suggest:

  • Questions about Judaism as practiced by Hellenistic Jews is on-topic whenever Judaism is considered on-topic

  • Questions related to explaining Hellenistic Jewish texts are on-topic insofar as they relate to Judaism

  • The same is true for texts of the Qumran community, Samaritans, and Jewish apocryphal texts

  • Jewish Christianity is off-topic unless otherwise related to Judaism

  • Answers from any of these perspectives are allowed only when specifically allowed for by the question

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