I'm trying to learn Hebrew for an independent study at school, and looking for an online course recommendation. Similar questions seem to have been closed as off-topic on this site, is there a different Stack Exchange site where I could ask them?

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There have been attempts to start a site for the Hebrew language, but none have succeeded so far. You have enough reputation to use chat, so I suggest you ask folks in our chat room, V'dibarta Bam. While it's not usually a very active room, people are around. (Some monitor the transcript, so even if no one's in the room at the moment, go ahead and say something.)


While there are a whole bunch of Stack Exchange sites devoted to specific languages, Hebrew is not one of them. You can instead try asking on Language Learning. According to their Help Center the following types of questions are on topic:

  • Questions about learning or teaching techniques regarding any human language, including dead, unspoken and constructed languages.

  • Questions regarding definite obstacles faced by anyone learning a language.

  • Questions regarding specific language learning techniques or resources, and their effectiveness in comparison to others.

  • Requests seeking books, studies, web sites, or other resources supporting the scientific basis for any aspect of language study.

  • Questions seeking hard-to-find learning resources for a specific language. Be as specific as possible.

  • Questions regarding the use of language-learning or teaching software or technology (i.e. Duolingo, Anki, etc.) in conjunction with the learning/teaching process.

Depending on what exactly your questions are, I think it is very likely they would fit into one or more of these categories.

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