Congratulations and Yeyasher Kochachem to robev, Josh, and Alex, the co-winners of the Best Answer Contest for the first quarter of 5779!

Here are the original citations, both submitted by Double AA:

I nominate robev's answer to Differences between RaMbaM and RaMbaN's mitzvah count which was asked on my first day as a moderator. At the time I had considered closing the question as Too Broad (or whatever that was called back then) since I could imagine the "question could be answered by an entire book".

robev's post nearly proves me right, being so dense with information and references he had to use a URL shortener to stay within SE's 30,000 (!) character limit. Well done on being thorough, robev!


I nominate Josh's and Alex's answers to Number of Se'ifim in Shulchan Aruch to split the prize. Those answers combined much original research with much fact checking to provide a documented new piece of information for the internet. They required much time, research, coding skills, and collaboration to achieve their results. By checking results against each other and against different editions they were able to get more done together than alone.

Nice work guys!

The winning entries will split the 300-point bounty prize, with half going to robev and the other half (or so) being split between Josh and Alex

Best answer contest: Second quarter of 5779, covering Tevet - Adar II, 5779 (from December 9, 2018 through April 5, 2019), is already underway. If you see a new great answer, please nominate it!


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