I have a serious concern about one of our members.

As Shlomo HaMelech once said (Mishlei 19:21):

רבות מחשבות בלב איש

רבות מחשבות is in the heart of man.

I can’t imagine that’s a healthy situation for him. This is Pikuach Nefesh - does anyone know whose heart רבות is in so that we can rescue him?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

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  • I was also going to ask questions about רבות מחשבות – Daniel Mar 14 '19 at 16:23
  • @Daniel Great minds think alike. Must be the shared name. – DonielF Mar 14 '19 at 16:23
  • Thank you, but no one pinged me about this. I would assume that I would be most qualified to answer... – רבות מחשבות Mar 17 '19 at 2:04
  • @רבותמחשבות I assumed you were too busy hanging out in someone’s heart to answer. I take it you made it out safe and sound? – DonielF Mar 17 '19 at 2:06
  • @DonielF actually, much too busy at work this week. Baruch Hashem, the coming week should be lighter. – רבות מחשבות Mar 17 '19 at 2:07

As the Talmud states (מגילה דף יב), a bare "איש" in Scripture refers to either Mordecai or Haman. I wouldn't suspect our רבות מחשבות of being in Haman's heart, heaven forfend, so he must be in Mordecai's. But the Talmud also states (שבת דף פח) that in Mordecai's time the Jews re-accepted the Torah; surely it was כאיש אחד בלב אחד like the first time, so Mordecai's heart is all Jews' hearts. Thus, רבות מחשבות is in all Jews' hearts. Thank God, רבות מחשבות has the same gimatriya (1364) as ניתוח להוציא רבות מלבבינו, a surgery to extract רבות from our hearts, so we should be okay.

  • Maybe he’s in Moshe’s heart (Berachos 54b), or Ulla’s or Rabbah Bar Bar Chanah’s (Pesachim 54a), or c”v Menasheh HaMelech (Sanhedrin 103a), or Noach (Sanhedrin 70b), or R’ Ze’ira (Yerushalmi Kiddushin 20a), or... L’chora your conclusion has to be correct, as we pasken like Erchin 15b that if we don’t know which of several things something refers to, we assume it means all of them. – DonielF Mar 13 '19 at 22:55
  • I see he might even be in Hashem’s heart, as per Bereishis Rabbah 3:3. – DonielF Mar 14 '19 at 1:41
  • Excellent. Better than I would have answered, at least. – רבות מחשבות Mar 17 '19 at 2:05

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