Based on a recent discussion in the Bam, I’m posting this thread to keep track of any needed edits to PTIJ posts. If you see a suggested edit or want to make one yourself, add to an answer here with a link to the post and the edit, and someone will deal with it next Adar.

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  • Not anticipating that this will be so frequently used, but at least we’ll have this if we need it. – DonielF Jun 2 '19 at 22:16
  • This may be relevant – Dr. Shmuel Feb 24 at 23:54
  • @Dr.Shmuel Thanks for the reminder! – DonielF Feb 25 at 0:29

All 2020 edits have been completed. Check back here after the season for edits for next year.

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    I hate to burst your pre-Purim euphoria but ... since when is Purim based on the Gregorian calendar? – DanF Jun 5 '19 at 16:31
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    @DanF Apparently since about two days ago. – DonielF Jun 5 '19 at 17:17
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    I guess you're really starting the Purim laughs early. I see ads for hotel vacations for Rosh Hashanna 2019 (Hmmm ... didn't that occur in January??) and Pesach 2020. But, I have yet to see a hotel ad for Shavuot 2019. I wonder if that's because there is no calendar date for Shavuot? – DanF Jun 6 '19 at 2:36
  • "will be removed after they’re completed" @DonielF ? – Double AA Feb 27 at 14:49

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