There is a Masoretic note in my Hebrew Bible (in the Masorah Parva/Qetana) that I don't understand. I think I know what it means, literally, but I don't see how it applies to the marked word. Can I ask for clarification on this site?

There is a tag, but it does not seem to be about the Masoretic notes, at least not primarily so (What's the mesorah-tradition tag for?). I have seen What topics are in- and out-of-scope on Mi Yodeya?, but I'm unsure whether this question would fall under "a Jewish text" / "general knowledge as it relates directly to Judaism" (both OK) or "Hebrew language" (not OK) or something else still.

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In my view, a question like this should be a good fit here. It certainly seems to me that (at the very least) it would fall under "a Jewish text (explaining a passage)".


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