This week's topic challenge is Chanukah. You're encouraged to think of and post good questions on this topic.

What is it?

There's a single topic that people think about during the week and come up with good questions on. The topic is set each Wednesday or so.

What do I win?

An Internet with more good questions and answers on an interesting topic.

Who thought of this week's topic, anyway?

Menachem did.

How do we decide on next week's topic?

See the call for topic proposals.

I didn't know about this week's topic challenge! Why wasn't it advertised?

I used to advertise the weekly challenge in a message that appeared atop each page on the main site. I was recently advised by Stack Exchange people that this challenge is really not the sort of thing that that spot is for. So it won't being advertised there any longer.

But— but— then how do I know when a new challenge is posted?

  • Check back on the meta site from time to time, especially on Wednesday or Thursday, to see if there's a new challenge post.
    • Check the meta site's tag to see only the posts in the challenge, or its tag to see all meta posts announcing currently-relevant site features and events.
  • If you use a blog reader or otherwise follow RSS feeds, you can add the feeds for weekly-topic-challenge or featured to your reader and automatically get updates soon after they're posted. It might be a good idea to subscribe to featured anyway, to keep abreast of featured posts on the meta site.
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    A comment by Monica Cellio that I accidentally deleted read: We can also improve awareness of each week's challenge by linking in the earliest questions each week (either in the question or in a comment to it). It's a more gentle reminder than the banner.
    – msh210 Mod
    Dec 14 '11 at 19:26