There are some questions on formatting seforim, what programs to use etc.. but I was wondering if I could ask the following question:

I am writing a sefer with my own chiddushim on the parasha, and also a collection of "pearls" of commentaries, like old-seforim or seforim that are not often quoted. I am writing it in Microsoft Word, and would like to know if there are templates for seforim.

For example, most seforim have their first pages decorated like this:

enter image description here

Picture from Greenfield Judaica.

Does anyone know why most seforim have pages designed like a column and if there is a template one could use for his own sefer?

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As this is a question about an expression of Judaism - publishing Torah books, I would say that it is on-topic. It looks like as you've expressed it, there are two questions: one about the origins/meanings of the design, and one about practically how to utilize it. I would suggest posting them separately, as one needn't know anything about one to fully answer the other.

  • Thank you very much Isaac.
    – Shmuel
    Nov 6, 2023 at 18:47

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