My question here was deemed a duplicate but i don't agree that it is. The question is similar but the answers there didn't address my question. Question that was closed: How can He reign over no subjects? [אדון עולם אשר מלך בטרם כל יצור נברא]

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I agree that your question, which poses a particular difficulty, is distinct from the post it was duped to, which asks what a phrase means. So, I re-opened your post.

Here are some things you can do if you think a post should be re-opened:

  • Vote to re-open it. (I'm not sure if you have this option on your own post.)

  • Add comments explaining why you believe your question is distinct from the other question. Contrary to some comments, the content of answers doesn't determine whether question posts are duplicates; the content of the questions does. The existence of answers on the other post is a prerequisite for the community voting to close as a duplicate of it.

  • Edit your post to make it clear (preferably organically to your question rather than as meta-commentary) how your post is distinct.

  • Flag for moderator attention, with a note explaining how you believe your post is distinct.

  • Write a Meta post like this one, explaining why you believe your post is distinct.

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