The "activity" tab's "comment" log entries (for comments on answers only, not for comments on questions) link to things like https://judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/5991/words-often-mispronounced/7274#comment-8895, with an anchor named comment-[number]. These anchors don't work: the page's source code doesn't include any such anchor. IMO either the link should merely link to the answer or the source code should include the anchors linked to.

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Well... It's not quite that simple. Comments can be linked to, if they're on a page - they all have IDs of the form comment-[number], and this'll work just fine for the URL fragment. Try this one:


...The problem is, comments aren't always displayed. If there are too many comments on a given answer, some of them will be hidden. If there are too many answers on a question, comments that aren't up-voted will be hidden for all the answers.

There's an open request to automatically expand comments on an answer when that answer is linked to which would (mostly) resolve this. If it bothers you, vote for it...

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