This week's topic challenge is Pets. You're encouraged to think of and post good questions on this topic.

Topic Proposal

I propose pets as a weekly topic challenge. Pets present a number of halacha-related questions; specific aspects of (or circumstances that come with) pet ownership may present more. Then there are the historical questions, the philosophical questions, etc.

What is it?

There's a single topic that people think about during the week and come up with good questions on. The topic is set each Wednesday or so.

What do I win?

An Internet with more good questions and answers on an interesting topic.

How do we decide on next week's topic?

See the call for topic proposals.


Two questions on this topic were posted during its week:

Of those, the latter has higher net votes on the question; congratulations, then, to Monica Cellio, its asker, as winner of this challenge!

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