Is it possible to get the chat badges (talkative and outspoken) on meta.J.SE? If chat is site independent, how are the badges different for each site? Can meta.J.SE have its own chat rooms or are they by default categorized under the parent site?

Edited to update:

As described in the answer below, it is seemingly not possible to get the chat badges on meta. Their existence, then, is a bug. I'm retagging this therefore (and dropping ).

Edit: I realized the issue also exists with regards to the bounty badges (Promoter and Benefactor as well as Investor and Altruist) as there are no bounties here on meta.


The system is clearly not right. I am a dud user created for the sole purpose of testing this issue. I posted 10 messages in a meta started chat, got one stared, but got the talkative badge on the parent site. Some badges (like quorum) are not listed in the meta site because they are impossible here. So too with the chat badges. This is a bug.

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    meTAlkative, welcome to the site and thanks for your research! I expect I'll never see you here again :) – Double AA Mar 2 '12 at 8:47

Some badges cannot (or cannot easily) be awarded on meta. This is known and by design.

We always intentionally kept all badges listed, because it's a discovery mechanism. This goes back to the beta badge on graduated sites as well.

  • Why not Quorum or Convention? – Double AA Jan 24 '14 at 16:16

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