I am in need of your help on a project that I am working on. I am attempting to translate the Yiddish phrases which can be found in the document used to sell chametz to a non-Jew into Hebrew. The document I am working with, by HRH"G Avraham Aharon Yudelewitz ztz"l (author of Shu"t Bet Av), is sprinkled with Yiddish phrases which I do not understand.

Would a request for translation of certain phrases be acceptable on J.SE or is it considered out of scope or too local? If it is unacceptable on the website, may I post it in chat?


As far as scope (topicality) goes, it seems to me that it's within the scope of the site. The FAQ list specifically allows "questions about... language used in Jewish life and learning".

It's not a very strong question (just seeking translation), but I think it's a valid one for the site.

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