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Better to post an answer with no source, or not to post at all?

Sometimes I read a new question, and I want to provide an answer, but I don't have the time at that moment to find the appropriate source citations. Then, I will receive comments in my answer asking ...
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Should we have a jargon policy/guideline?

For mi.yodeya, I wrote up a jargon guideline (lightly adapted below) intended to make content on the site accessible to as many interested people as possible. It was not followed very closely on m.y, ...
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How should we ask for improvements to questions and answers?

Sometimes we get a question or answer that is unclear or leaves out important details, and people comment to elicit improvements. Sometimes that works well (and the post gets improved); other times ...
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Requiring sources for "tacit culture" and "common knowledge"

I have occasionally run into an issue where I am writing either a question or (more rarely) an answer and I haven't had any decent sources on hand, because I had viewed the elements of the question as ...
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Criterion for Voting

This community deals with questions that are subject to "eilu va'eilu divrei Elokim Chaim -- these and those are the words of the 'Living' G-d / G-d of Life." Such questions have a range of valid ...
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How should I cite an answer elsewhere?

Sometimes a Web page off-site — or a passage in a book, for that matter — answers a question perfectly. How should I refer to or quote that external source as my answer?
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Why comments and not answers?

Why is it that so many people leave answers in the "comments" section, as opposed to the "answer" section? (You may leave your answer in either section 😉)
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I don't think we're explaining sourcing properly to new users

A lot of opinion follows: Here at Mi.Yodeya, we place a strong emphasis on sourced questions and answers. New users, who are unfamiliar with this, often ask unsourced but otherwise decent questions (...
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Are links strictly necessary when citing a source?

This came up in respect to my answer here. I hadn’t seen a meta post with an official policy on the topic, so I figured I’d ask. In my time here I’ve almost never linked to a source unless it’s some ...
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FAQ post request: "Am I required to cite sources?"

I propose that we add an official faq post that makes it clear when, in answer posts and also in question posts, sources are required (meaning that we may close/delete if they're missing) and when ...
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Some matters regarding comment deletion

Proposed changes to Mi.Yodeya comments deletion conventions: A generally more liberal approach to comments. Deleting only those that are truly egregious, and taking the time to delete them one-by-one ...
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What exactly is the policy of deleting and disassociation on this site

I have read many posts here on downvoting. My experience is that once a post is downvoted with out any comment, although there is no reason why one cannot make an extra 'button' to make an anonymous ...
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Is it a virtue to keep questions/answers succinct?

Without citing specific examples, I've encountered questions and answers (comments, personally, are less bothersome) that are convoluted or incredibly lengthy (where the length does not provide ...
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Matching answer level to the OP's

This bothers me a lot on this site - the vast differences between the OPs and their questions correspondingly. While answering questions I'm trying to match my answer level to the OPs and if a ...
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Another "bully overflow"

Yeah I know downvote downvote downvotes. But rep doesn't count here. Far from the Jewish spirit of welcoming in new people, guests, etc. you are bullying people with your downvote tactics. Where is ...
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