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Help us make Mi Yodeya referencer even better!

UPDATE by msh210: The contributions below have been collected by HodofHod and are being worked into the script. Do not add further contributions below. Any further suggestions for modification to the ...
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Syntax for linking to sources

We've discussed adding link support for citations, so that someone could type, in a question or answer, some shorthand, and the server would expand it to a link to a specific page on ...
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What user scripts do we recommend for use on Mi Yodeya?

A user script is a usually-small device that you can add to your web browser to change how specific websites or all websites appear to you. It can be a way, for example, to add functionality to a site ...
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Tweaking Mi Yodeya's scope to build a broader community

I was reading this post about one person's issues with Stack Overflow, and something it said struck me (as I noticed the same thing, but didn't attempt to articulate it): The "flavour" of ...
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What advanced existing features of SE/MY would a more experienced user want to know?

Two months after I joined MY, I wrote a beginner's guide. Some have found it useful and have been pointing new users to it in their welcome message. Two and a half years later I have learned a few ...
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RFP: Mi Yodeya Referencer Community Ad

A while back, with Hashem's help, the community came together to create the Mi Yodeya Referencer. If you're on this Meta reading this question, chances are you've heard of it. But others may not ...
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Is it possible to have a database of sources on this website?

Being that I'm relatively new to the stack-exchange community I was wondering what additional features could be placed on this site by the moderators. Is it possible for users to have access to a ...
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Referencer KSA is down

I recently edited a post on the main site, adding links with the Referencer as necessary. However, when I clicked on the link to test it, I found that is ...
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