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Where do you live?

With an eye toward designing in-person community events (e.g. this), it would be useful to have some idea of how many Yodeyans live where. So, let's try to collect some basic data about this while ...
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Is there not room for non-orthodox opinions?

Should Mi.Yodeya/J.SE maintain its solely orthodox standing? I love StackExchange and when I found the Judaism group I thought that it would be interesting to participate. However, I am neither an ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Can I consult Mi Yodeya as I would a rabbi?

Does Mi Yodeya offer personal guidance in response to practical questions about Jewish law or attitudes, as a rabbi would?
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How should we ask for improvements to questions and answers?

Sometimes we get a question or answer that is unclear or leaves out important details, and people comment to elicit improvements. Sometimes that works well (and the post gets improved); other times ...
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I don't think we're explaining sourcing properly to new users

A lot of opinion follows: Here at Mi.Yodeya, we place a strong emphasis on sourced questions and answers. New users, who are unfamiliar with this, often ask unsourced but otherwise decent questions (...
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Tweaking Mi Yodeya's scope to build a broader community

I was reading this post about one person's issues with Stack Overflow, and something it said struck me (as I noticed the same thing, but didn't attempt to articulate it): The "flavour" of ...
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A standard comment for new users asking psak questions

I wanted to suggest that we put forth a standard comment to put on psak questions asked by new users. The goal of the psak-close reason is, as I understand from various chat conversations, to instill ...
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A newbie perspective after 60 days and 90 Q&As

I have now been active on MiYodeya for 60 days, asked/answered ca. 90 questions and thought I would share some newbie perspectives in the hope of being helpful to the more established users out there ...
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Comment templates

I saw a nice idea on TeX Meta. For some common comments (e.g. welcoming users on the site, suggesting an answer to be accepted) they use previously written codes. I suppose it would be great to have ...
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Is the "about" page sufficiently prominent for new users, or should it be pushed more before they post?

A new user answered a bunch of questions without really understanding what this site is about, so received downvotes and an automatic answer ban. The user commented that he hadn't been forced to read ...
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Should we encourage questioners to accept answers?

The percentage of accepted answers on MY is currently 34.4% (you can check the latest for yourself by entering hasaccepted:yes then is:question in the search box of the main site and dividing those ...
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