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Riddle questions on SE?

After the migration from mi.yodeya to StackExchange, are riddle-type questions considered appropriate? According to the answer from @RebeccaChernoff to the question "Appropriateness of survey ...
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Refresh of the Purim Torah Policy

We've done four Purim seasons under the existing Purim Torah Policy, so we have a decent amount of experience to draw on in determining if it needs any changes. This meta-question last season garnered ...
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Scope of Moderation Authority

I found the deletion of to be dictatorial in a manner that discourages me from wanting to post here. Odds are, like any other addict, I'll be back ...
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How to handle "clothesline for my cute vort" questions?

It's a common yeshivish style that rather than just say: Rabbi X reads the verse as Y. or: Rabbi X reads the verse as Y. And I think that fits well with the wording of such-and-such. Instead ...
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Self-disciplined deletion of a good answer on the wrong question

Last night I discovered that once upon a time I totally misread a question and gave an answer that just didn't fit the question that was being asked. I know, I know, how could that even happen? But I ...
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{How/When} Should we allow Purim Torah?

Generally, we expect all questions here to be written from the point-of-view of genuine curiosity, and we expect all answers to be genuine attempts to provide real information and analysis that ...
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Why can you accept your own answer to your question?

I was reviewing questions that I asked and wanted to accept an answer which I then saw was actually supplied by me (yes, I answered my own question) - The “Shir Hamaalos” etc before Maariv: is it said ...
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Should we populate Shut on this site?

(Almost) by definition, questions found in Shut are the ultimate "on-scope" questions. Should we populate questions with Shut (like start with Be'er Moshe [Igros Moshe forbade translations of his ...
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Reposting quiz questions

I found a booklet for bochrim for Bein Hazmanim. It has lots of fascinating "quiz" questions. No answers provided. E.g: How can women bring Bikurim if it's time bound? Only allowed to bring ...
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Is it a virtue to keep questions/answers succinct?

Without citing specific examples, I've encountered questions and answers (comments, personally, are less bothersome) that are convoluted or incredibly lengthy (where the length does not provide ...
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Should tags on a question include the presumed answer?

This question I tagged as aishes-chayil because, although the questioner didn't know the tag when they asked, it seemed germain to the topic of the question and all related questions would be of ...
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Answering your own question vs concealing information

It seems like there is a conflict between values when asking a question. On the one hand, asking and answering your own question is allowed, and even encouraged. On the other hand, questioners are ...
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What is a model type of question for Mi Yodeya? And the opposite

I am trying to get to the bottom of what Mi Yodeya is all about. It's hard. Is it a place to ask halacha? Find out about tradition? Get answers to assist with homework questions? Run ideas by each ...
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Is there a suggested waiting period prior to answering my own question?

I noticed in the M.Y. rules that it is fine for someone to answer his / her own question. On a few occasions, I have posted a question that I already have an answer for. I usually don't like to be a "...
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Where can I find the reason for a question being deleted?

Just recently I answered a question about saying anenu in a case where one drank but didn't eat the whole day. I answered the question, it was accepted by the OP, and I got like 6 upvotes. Now, ...
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