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What Yodeyan slang terms are there?

What are slang terms that people on Mi Yodeya use in comments or chat that are unique to this community? Please post one term with definition, etymology, earliest known usage, etc., per answer. ...
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What is the common way to type in Hebrew for this site?

Is there a recommended approach to entering Hebrew text? I see lots of it, and some questions/answers will require it (as transliterating into English works poorly).
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Should we have a jargon policy/guideline?

For mi.yodeya, I wrote up a jargon guideline (lightly adapted below) intended to make content on the site accessible to as many interested people as possible. It was not followed very closely on m.y, ...
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Best answer contest: Fourth quarter of 5779

Have you seen (or written) a recent answer on Mi Yodeya that you thought was really great? Let's have a contest to help you tell everyone about it! This contest has two phases: Nomination and Voting. ...
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Can I consult Mi Yodeya as I would a rabbi?

Does Mi Yodeya offer personal guidance in response to practical questions about Jewish law or attitudes, as a rabbi would?
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Does this site have a glossary?

When browsing here, I see a lot of terms with which I'm unfamiliar. Has the community here created anything similar to the glossaries on cooking and on bicycles? Barring this, are there particularly ...
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Is it time to replace the term CYLOR?

"CYLOR" (See your local Orthodox Rabbi) is a much-used phrase on Mi Yodeya, and throughout many Jewish sites. I believe this innocuous phrase has several limitations. The first is a question of ...
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Site policy on jargon

What is the site policy on using Hebrew terminology and other jargon in questions and answers?
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Is Double AA on-topic? [closed]

...I've been wondering for a while; is Double AA on-topic? Some believe that he is, clearly; what does the community think about this? Please source your answers :) This question is Purim Torah and ...
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Non-Jew has (business-related) questions about Judaism—okay here?

[Similar to, but not quite a duplicate of What are some mistakes non-Jewish people should avoid asking questions on this site?] A non-Jew I know is working on a project for a company that sells a ...
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Tweaking Mi Yodeya's scope to build a broader community

I was reading this post about one person's issues with Stack Overflow, and something it said struck me (as I noticed the same thing, but didn't attempt to articulate it): The "flavour" of ...
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Rating of Users

User #2 is IsaacMoses. Why are numbers such as 1, 4, 6, and 8 missing? Perhaps IsaacMoses is the #2. Low numbers should be in high demand. Can't users request to switch to the lower numbers to save ...
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Meya Alafim - Mi Yodeya? Gershon Gold Yodeya!

Who knows one hundred thousand? Gershon Gold knows one hundred thousand! Yeyasher Kochacha to Gershon Gold for achieving 100,000 reputation points! Mazal Tov for being the first Yodeyan to make it ...
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Pinging without a dot

I am usually pinged with my full username [Dr. Shmuel]. However, sometimes people will remove the dot. I have it on record that rov (1, 2, 3) of the moderators have pinged me as [DrShmuel] without ...
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Can I help out with the glossary?

I think I would be well suited to help improve the glossary. I don't know the terminology, so I always notice it when I see it. I look the words up as I see them, but obviously I am not qualified or ...
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